How to generate leads for your business

There's no simpler or quicker method of bringing new clients into your business than using the TwigPro platform.

Here's how TwigPro works (in simple terms):-

  • A potential customer jumps on Google to look for YOUR service in THEIR vicinity
  • TwigPro's unique advertising algorithm presents the potential customer with the simple option of 'click here, tell us about your project, tell us your location and we will find the perfect professional'
  • The project, then gets pinged out to the nearest and most suitable service provider (minus the customer's contact details). There's a 4pm GMT email that goes out reminding the service provider to check on
  • Knowing the project details, the location and the budget, the professional can then decide whether to follow up the lead, by paying TwigPro a nominal fee, or leave it for someone else to pick up

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