Why Use TwigPro for SEO Powered Lead Generation?

TwigPro is the next generation B2C lead generation platform; matching customers with local professionals instantly.

TwigPro is powered by pure SEO leading to 100% genuine enquries from potential customers who are 'ready to start a conversation'. Because we aren't caught up in the financial minefield of Google Ads, we don't have to cover massive costs to promote local businesses.

Here's how it works:-

The potential customers performs a Google search for 'your service in your town', see TwigPro right up there first page and, because we aren't a directory and we have kept the online processes extremely simple, they will quite happily fill in a 'job sheet' (for free) and post that job to our system.

Registered local businesses will be notified immediately when there's a 'match' i.e. their service in their town.

The service provider can view the 'job sheet' for free and then, if they decide that the job is for them, pay a small fee that allows them to contact the 'customer waiting'.

One other thing that sets Twigpro apart from 'all the other' services marketplaces (apart from the fact that we only use SEO) is we don't send out a dozen marketing emails every day. You sign up, you'll get an email when a customer fitting your bill has posted a job.

Why Use TwigPro for SEO Powered Lead Generation?


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